Who was Nellie Payne?

Dower chest for Mrs Walker. Date carved unknown.

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Unfortunately, we have not been able to find this dower chest that was carved for Mrs Walker. If you have any further information on this piece please get in touch with The Westbury and Districts Historical Society through the contact page.

It is assumed that this piece was carved for Mrs Amy Clarisse Walker.
Mrs Walker was the daughter of Archdeacon Davenport and her sister Fanny married Canon Shoobridge of Holy Trinity Church, North Hobart.  Amy was born in 1851 and died on 8th November 1940 at the age of 89.  She was survived by her daughter, Mrs Southey Adams of “Clarendon”.
Amy Clarisse Davenport married (John) Fletcher Walker of “Clarendon” Macquarie Plains and they made their home there.  Mr Fletcher Walker was the Warden of Hamilton for many years.

Nellie and Amy developed a friendship through their involvement in the Queen Mary Club (where they were both founding members and Life Members?) and Clarendon Children Home for whom they both worked tirelessly.  Amy was a church worker for 70 years, treasurer of St Mary’s Church, Gretna for many years, and church organist there for 50 years.  Nellie also carved the hymn board and altar in memory of her dear friend.  (see DB23 and DB25).

The Mercury (Hobart, Tas. : 1860 – 1954), Saturday 9 November 1940, page 4
Mrs. Amy Clarisse Walker, through whose generosity the Clarendon Home at New Town and the war memorial at Gretna were built, died at her home, Clarendon, Gretna, yesterday, at the age of 89 years, after a short illness. She was the wife of Mr. John Fletcher Walker, for many years Warden of Hamilton, who died in 1906.

The daughter of the Rev. Davenport, who was incumbent at Richmond and later became archdeacon at Hobart. Mrs Walker was born at Richmond in 1851. With her parents, she went shortly afterwards to Norfolk Island, where her father was chaplain, and they returned to Hobart in 1854. Following her marriage in 1869 she resided at Gretna, and after her husband’s death carried on his farming property practically until her death.

Mrs. Walker identified herself with many charitable activities. She was responsible for the building of the war memorial at Gretna, and recently handed it over to a trust. The cost of the Clarendon Home was borne by her, and she paid also for certain additions and gave it active support.
She was a keen adherent of the Church of England, and built the parish hall near St Mary’s Church, Gretna.
Mrs. Walker is survived by a daughter, Mrs. Southey Adams, of Clarendon, Gretna. The funeral will take place on Monday.