Who was Nellie Payne?

Family and friends

Copper door plates. Creation date unknown.

Dower chest for Rosemary Payne. Date carved unknown.

Dower chest for Gweneth Wisewould. Date carved unknown.

Dower chest for Mrs Walker. Date carved unknown.

Dower chest for Betty Field. Date carved unknown.

Ethel Field (Nellie’s younger sister)

Mirror carved for Mollie Field (niece). Date unknown.

Bookcase made for Nancy Field. Date carved unknown.

Propellor and joystick owned by Nellie’s son Alan Field Payne. Not carved by Ellen Nora Payne.

Payne family crest and mirror. Date carved unknown.

Framed needlework stitched 1847 by Elizabeth Field.

Sideboard carved 1898. Probably for Payne family.

Settle for Richard Charles Field. Carved 1900.

“The Seasons” four panelled screen. Carved 1906

Settle carved 1906 for George. W. Field.

Pulpit, St Andrew’s Church, Westbury. Erected 1906.

Bed carved by Ellen Nora Payne for herself. 1909.

Dower chest for Ella Field. Carved 1910.

Dower chest for Marie Whitesides. Carved 1912.

Dower chest for Madge Payne. Carved 1913.

Bookcase for Alan Field Payne. Carved 1915-1918.

Chest for Geoffrey Payne. Carved 1916.

Westfield entrance hall panelling. Carved 1917.

Dower chest for Alicia Jane Whitesides. Carved 1917.

Altar rails carved 1917 in memory of Sergeant Lindsay McRae (Max) Field. Erected St Michael’s Anglican Church, Kimberley, Tasmania.

Dower chest for Atkinson. Carved 1920.

Chest for Philip Hudson. Carved 1920.

Mantelpiece and built in cupboard, Byron St, Hobart. Carved 1921.

Dower chest for Dorothy Thomas née Field. Date carved circa 1921.

Dower chest for Beatrice Agnew. Carved 1922.

Blackwood fire guards. Carved 1922.

Dower chest for Mollie (Mary) Field. Carved 1923.

Dower chest for Keva Allardyce. Carved 1923.

Alan Field Payne memorial tablet presented in 1926 to The Hutchins School, Hobart.

Dower chest for Dulcie Field. Carved 1928.

Alan Field Payne memorial bookcase, Hutchins School, Hobart. Carved 1929.

Dower chest for Marjorie Field. Carved circa 1929.

Shrine of Remembrance medal 1934.

Dower chest for Viti Allardyce. Carved 1937.

Dower chest for Wanda Piesse. Carved 1937.

‘Seven Sisters’ Chancel Screen, St Andrew’s Church, Westbury. Dedicated 1938.

Dower chest for Elizabeth (Nancy) Payne. Carved 1943.

Dower chest for Phyllis (Margaret) Hawker née Payne. Carved 1945.

Chest for Ted (Edward) Pedley. Carved 1945.

Dower chest for Nora and Tulloch Field. Carved 1947.

Dower chest for Ardyn Smith. Carved 1947.

Dower chest for Katharine Lord. Carved 1948.

Dower chest for Gillian Youl. Carved 1949.

Bookends for Marion Brookes. Carved 1950.

Dower chest carved 1951 for Josephine K Anderson

Jewellery box made by Charles Payne pre 1951. Initials carved by Nellie Payne

Coat of Arms for Davson. Carved 1952.

Nellie’s passing. 31st January 1962.

“Ellen Nora Payne – Woodcarver of Tasmania” by Russell Atkinson. Published 1975.