Who was Nellie Payne?

Honour Boards

Background to honour boards.

Honour roll for Webster Ltd. Date carved unknown.

Honour roll, Tasmanian Club, Hobart. Date carved unknown.

Roll of Honour, Westbury. Unveiled 1917.

Roll of honour, Bothwell. Carved 1918.

Honour roll, Kimberley. Carved 1919.

Honour roll, AMP Ltd. Carved 1919.

Honour roll for Roberts & Co. Carved 1919, recarved 1920.

Honour roll, Glamorgan. Carved 1920.

Roll of honour, Lower Barrington. Carved 1920.

Honour roll, Hobart Town Hall. Carved 1921.

Honour rolls, Sheffield. Dedicated 1921.

Honour roll, St Stephen’s Church, Sandy Bay. Unveiled 1921.

World War One honour board, Hutchins School, Hobart. Carved 1922.

Honour roll, All Saints Church, Hobart. Carved 1922.

Honour roll, St Luke’s Church, Campbell Town, Tasmania. Carved 1923.

Honour board, University of Tasmania. Carved 1924.

Honour roll, Clarence Municipality. Carved 1924.

Honour roll, St Andrew’s Church, Westbury. Dedicated 1925.

Honour roll, Launceston Church Grammar School. Carved 1926.

Glenorchy State School Honour roll. Inscribed but not carved by Nellie Payne, 1927.

Honour roll, Christ Church, Longford. Carved 1937.

Honour Roll, Sassafras Methodist Church. Dedicated 1938.

Glamorgan Municipality, Tasmania. Honour roll unveiled 1954.