Who was Nellie Payne?

Litany desk carved 1912. St. John’s Church, Launceston.


Examiner  Saturday 27 April 1912, page 7

A beautifully carved Litany desk, made of Tasmanian oak at the establishment if Messrs. Hinman, Wright, and Manser, Ltd., has just been placed in the new St. John’s Church extension by the husband and family of the late Mrs. J. F. Jones, who died on the morning of Sunday, January 7 last, and who was an earnest and enthusiastic worker in connection with St. John’s, as well as of the Anglican Church at Longford, where she formerly resided. The carving, which is most artistically executed-the work of a lady in the state-is chiefly and appropriately representative of passion flowers and foliage, with the “I.H.S.” monogram on each side of the desk. A small brass plate is attached, with the following inscription engraved thereon: —This desk is placed here to the glory of God and in memory of Christive Elizabeth Jones.”