Who was Nellie Payne?

Small cupboard. Carved circa 1912.

Small cupboard.
Small cupboard.


The existence of this lovely cupboard had only been discovered by the Nellie Payne committee just before the exhibition in 2015.

Thanks go to Tasmanian Historical Research Association members, Ken and Ann, who “found” this piece with its current owner Collin Campbell. They then kindly transported it to Westbury.

This piece is not recorded in Atkinson’s book, however it certainly looks like a Nellie carving.

It is believed to have been carved for the wedding of Dr Terence Campbell Butler and his wife Willemena, some time around 1912. Dr Butler (1888-1969) was a distinguished Hobart physician. He passed his medical registrations in England in 1912 as there were no medical schools in Tasmania and his father (also a doctor) had decided he should do his training in England. When he returned to Tasmania he was firstly a general practitioner then a physician attached to the Royal Hobart Hospital and in charge of the electro-cardiography department.

Dr Butler was also a founding member of the current Royal Hobart Golf Club and a keen trout fisherman. The Hall at Hutchins schools is also named after him.

This piece was purchased by Collin Campbell at an estate sale.

The initials on the front – TWB – stand for Terence and Willemena Butler and the wording at the top “LABOR OMNIA VINCIT” means “Work conquers everything”.