Who was Nellie Payne?

Casket for Bishop Mercer's sisters. Carved circa 1913.

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When Bishop Mercer reached the end of his appointment in Hobart, the Women’s Council for Church Work, through Lady Ellison Macartney, wife of the Governor, made a presentation to the Misses Mercer, the Bishops sisters.  It was an address contained in a casket – all designed, tooled and fabricated by Nellie.

The Mercury, Wednesday 18 February 1914, page 7
An extract:
At a meeting of the Women’s Council for Church Work at the Masonic hall yesterday afternoon, at which Lady Ellison Macartney was present, and Mrs. Geo. Shoobridge presided a presentation from the Women’s Council was made to the Misses Mercer, in view of the very near departure of these ladies from Tasmania as they of course, accompany Bishop Mercer to Europe. The presentation from the council took the form of a beautifully prepared address, tied with cream satin ribbon, and enclosed in a casket of soft mole suede. The casket was designed by Mrs. Payne, and was very artistic. A large M was on the centre of the lid and two double rows of tea tree knobs decorated the box. The fastenings were fringed lappets of suede with slits to go over buttons made of the seed pod of the blue gum tree……………..