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Dower chest for Miss Grace Dangar. Carved 1914.


  • Grace Gladys Dangar born 29/3/1886 in Singleton, NSW, died 27/7/1964 in Brisbane, Queensland.
  • Father Albert Augustus Dangar, mother Mary Phoebe Dangar (née Rouse).
  • Siblings Rodney R Dangar of Baroona, Norman N Dangar of Palmerston, Armidale, Capt Clive Gostwyck of Uralla, Maud of Baroona and Grace of Baroona.
  • Grace became engaged on 25/7/1914 to Roy Mackenzie Bell(1885-1953) of Pickering, Musselbrook. He was the long time manager of Baroona, then bought a property in Queensland, Eskdale South Station.
  • Grace and Roy Bell were married on 22/7/1915 at All Saints church, Singleton, NSW. (Assume the dower chest was carved for their wedding).
  • They had 1 daughter (Phyllis Dangar Bell) and two sons (Geoffrey Dangar Bell) and another son born 1933 – name not showing.
  • Phyllis Dangar Bell was born 1917 and died 2005. She married Geoffrey Peter Willis in 1940 and had 3 sons and 1 daughter – names not showing.
  • Geoffrey Dangar Bell was born 11/2/1922 and died 29/9/2010. He married Mary Alice (Molly) Freebody who died 2003.  They had 2 sons and 2 daughters.  They lived in Miriam Vale, Capricornia, Queensland.
  • Their children were John (married Kate) Bell, Rodney (married Anna) Bell, Mimi (married Vince Corry) and Sandie (married Matthew Smith).
  • Geoffrey Bell’s grandchildren are Rupert, Gemma, Lucinda,Sam Bell; John and Alice Corry;and Olivia Smith.


We had not been able to contact any of Grace Dangar’s descendants at time of creating this site.
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