Who was Nellie Payne?

Henric Clarence Nicholas memorial font cover carved 1917. St John the Baptist Church, Ouse, Tasmania.

Font cover, Ouse, Tasmania.


The Mercury (Hobart, Tas. : 1860 – 1954), Tuesday 5 September 1916, page 3

A Hamilton, correspondent writes –
On Friday, at St John Baptist Church, Ouse, a memorial service was held for the late Lance-Corporal Henric Clarence Nicholas, who gave his life for his country in Egypt early last month. The service was conducted by the Bishop of Tasmania, assisted by the Rev A E Hutchinson rector of the parish. The church, which was suitably draped was overcrowded by the congregation consisting of the family and friends of the gallant soldier of whom it may be truly said that he was beloved by all who knew him. The congregation represented every class and creed, many having travelled long distances to be present in order to show in the only way open to them, their genuine sorrow, their affection and esteem for the dead soldier and their sympathy with Mr and Mrs George Clarence Nicholas the bereaved parents.

The Bishop selected his text from the Epistle to the Colossians and in the course of a very thoughtful and comforting address he dwelt on the beauty and holiness of sacrifice. Not only the soldier’s sacrifice of home and comforts and perchance of his life for the sake of his country and the happiness of future generation but also the sacrifice made by wives and parents who nobly gave their best, with proud though sorrowful hearts. Such sacrifices said the Bishop bravely made for the sake of right and justice, were doubtless pleasing to God and were after types of the great sacrifice of the Saviour Himself.

Over one hundred persons partook of the Holy Sacrament, Hymns, specially selected, were sung at intervals. During the singing of “Nearer My God to Thee” there was hardly a dry eye in the church, feeling running very deep. The service ended with the “Dead March in Saul” played by Mrs Morgan during which the pall, laden with flowers, was held by four soldiers, comrades of the deceased. So terminated a very touching service in memory of a man who was justly esteemed and whose quiet influence will be felt in the district for many years to come.

Although there is no articles for the dedication of the font cover, Atkinson in his book” Ellen Nora Payne – Woodcarver of Tasmania” says that Nellie carved the memorial font cover (page72)
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