Who was Nellie Payne?

Clergy stall, Holy Trinity Church, Hobart. Carved 1935.


The Mercury (Hobart, Tas. : 1860 – 1954), Monday 1 April 1935, page 3
A special service was held at Holy Trinity Church, Hobart, yesterday morning, when there was a good congregation, many mothers and families being present. The service was conducted by the rector (the Ven. Arch-deacon D. B. Blackwood) assisted by the Rev. R. B. Cranswick. The rector, in the course of his sermon, referred to the high honour the Christian Church had always paid to good women. In this she was following the example of her Lord who, beside his young men disciples, accepted the loyal service and devotion of a band of faithful women, so the Church bade them on that day to remember God’s greatest gift-their mothers. Their self-sacrifice and loving care was a reflex of the love of Christ.

Feeling reference was made to the deaths of two notable parishioners during the past week. Miss Elizabeth Innes and Mrs. Badcock. The Church honoured such women, said the preacher, but specially were they remembering that day the life and work of Miss I. E. Piesse, in whose memory they had dedicated a beautiful clergy stall. They honoured her as a great church-woman and a fine Christian. Her work for the Girls’ Friendly Society had been outstanding for many years. They honoured her as a great home-maker, with her gifts of hospitality, friendliness and sympathy. She had taken great interest in the founding and carrying on of the Girls’ Friendly Society Hostel, which was a home for girls away from home. “She had been a consistent worker in all parish activities, and had helped forward the great missionary cause of the Church. Miss Piesse had been a notable representative of a great church family. The secret of her life and character had been her love for Christ and loyalty to His Church.

The memorial consists of a massive curate’s stall of solid blackwood, highly polished, and carved at the ends, with a carved inscription on the top panel. The construction was carried out by Mr. A. P. McElwee, and the carving by Mrs. C. Payne. It makes a splendid addition to a dignified church.
The stall was erected through the generosity of friends and parishioners.”