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Honour Roll, Sassafras Methodist Church. Dedicated 1938.


Permission to photograph this piece was not given at the time of the exhibition in 2015.

From Monuments Australia
The Methodist Church Honour Roll is a wooden honour roll which has carved in it, a rising sun badge, and angel with a wreath in its right hand, and a lion.   It lists 55 names of those who served in World War One.
Harvest thanksgiving services in connection with the local Methodist Church were held on Sunday, in ideal weather. A feature of the celebration was the unveiling in the church of the honor board to replace the old one in the hall.
Advocate (Burnie), 22nd March 1928.

Note : The church in Chapel Road is now a Baptist Church. It is unknown if the honour roll is still at this location.

Examiner (Launceston, Tas. : 1900 – 1954), Monday 26 March 1928, page 4
SASSAFRAS – Severe storms, with wind and lightning were experienced at Sassafras during last week at one place fencing was splintered by the lightning and a horse injured in the confusion. The rain was acceptable for ploughing operations. 

On Sunday, March18, the Methodist Church was crowded for the harvest thanksgiving services, and the unveiling of an honour board to the memory of those who served in the world war. The Rev. W. T. Johns conducted the afternoon service, preaching from a text which permitted reference to both subjects. At the close of the address he invited the Warden of Latrobe Municipality (Mr. R. O. Douglas) to superintend the unveiling. Mr. Douglas briefly addressed the congregation, remarking, that, while there were some things about the war that they tried to forget, he was glad to see that the people had not forgotten the men who gave their service, and, in many cases, their lives in the great struggle. There was a tendency to forget. Yet the wear and tear of the war were still being felt by the returned men. He knew of many who came back apparently fit, but, after all, they were beginning to “crack up” although they were quite young men. He then called upon Mrs. J. Rockliff as one of the oldest members of the church, and one who had lost a son in the war, to release the covering flag. 

After the unveiling, the Warden read the names of the returned men, those of the fallen. Mr. L. Coventry, of Latrobe, then sounded the “Last Post.”

The board was of massive design in Blackwood, richly carved by Mrs. Payne, of Hobart. There were three main panels, the centre one being reserved for the names of those who made the sacrifice. The names are as under:- :: Killed in Action.–Coombe,; V, R. King, B. A.; Robertson, A. G.; Rockliff, A. W.; Saunders, A. F.; Freer, J.; Richardson, C. W.; Robertson, E. T.; Rockcliff, V. I.; Saunders, R. H.
Returned from Active Service.–Bauer; G.; Beveridge, F.; Bray, G. R.; Burgess, T; Burk, W. L.; Chadwick, H. W.; Coombe, B. R.; Craigie, J. C.; Dell, F. E.; Dowling, G. G.;. Hall, C.;  Hall, R.; Hall. J. M.; Ingram, G. F.; Knight, A.; Knight, J. W.; London, S; Lunson, L.; Lunson, R.; Lanson, R. J.; Maddox, C. A.; Maddox, J. G.; Marshall, H; Murphy, O.; Parker, W. B.; Peebles, D.; Perry, C.; Rockliff, C. B.; Roebuck; P. A.; Saunders, T. S.; Saunders, W. G:; Shadbolt, L. G.; Smith, A. W.; Smith; H. A.; Smith, J. J.; Steers, S. W.; Sykes, R.; Taylor, W. H.; Tregoning, D. S.; Viney, A. R.; Woodfill, M. B.; Wright, R. J.