Who was Nellie Payne?

Bookends for Marion Brookes. Carved 1950.

Bookends carved for Marion Brookes.


Margaret Brooks of Victoria now has the bookends that were carved by Nellie for her mother, Marion.

Marion Brooks is the youngest daughter of Gordon Lindsay Clark and Barbara Jane Walch. (Nellie also carved a chair for Lindsay Clark – DB192)

The extended Walch family included Marian’s Aunt Min who was a friend of Nellie Payne’s and also a woodcarver.

Marion spent her childhood summers in Hobart and met Nellie then. When she married John Brooks in Melbourne on 15.3.1950 Nellie gave her the bookends as a wedding present.

The initials MB on the bookends are hers and the date is her wedding date.
Marion’s father-in-law, Dr Fred Bird, was also a woodcarver in Victoria.