Who was Nellie Payne?

Dower chest carved 1951 for Josephine K Anderson.


Josephine (Jo) married Charles Payne (b 1926, d 2021) – Nellie’s third grandchild and only grandson -in 1951. Nellie carved this  dower chest for their engagement, having faith that they would marry. 

This was the last dower chest she carved, and she was aged 85 when she completed this beautiful piece! 

Charles made a jewellery box and a powder box for his engagement to Jo and Nellie carved Jo’s initials “JKA” into the top of each.  (DB154)

For their wedding on 8.9.1951 Nellie embossed  a beautiful leather bookcover (DB203).

Josephine and Charles were head prefects in 1945, she at the Friends’ school and he at the Hutchins school in Hobart. They subsequently formed a friendship which has culminated in 63 years of marital “bliss”.

At Melbourne University Jo studied Physical Education Diploma. Charles achieved a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics at the University of Tasmania. He spent many years working at the Electrolytic Zinc Company in Hobart as a Process Instrument  Engineer. He had also a short time “colour matching paper” at APPM paper mills in Burnie.

He is so grateful to his Grandmother for financially supporting his studies at the University. One of his interests is, naturally, in wood and he can well remember helping to polish her work on his Grandmother’s bench. Nellie looked to the future and gave him, aged 12, a wonderful Huon pine work bench which he still cherishes.

In earlier days the family would have Sunday dinner at Granny and Madge’s house and help with the polishing of her current work at that time.

Charles and Jo have three lovely children (Nellie’s great grandchildren)  Andrew, Deborah (Deb) and Christopher (Chip) all of whom have performed well in their own yachts, here and around the world.

Jo and Charles lived in Lindsifarne and were exceptional in the giving of their time, and knowledge of the family history, for this exhibition. Jo passed in 2017 and Charles in January 2021. Their daughter Deb now treasures her mother’s dower chest.